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Thank you for keeping your promise and being prompt! 

Ken Weber,
I want to thank you, for taking care of my request, for having a couple of problems in my kitchen. Chris took care of everything I asked for. I love my kitchen and would recommend you definitely. Thank you! 

~Carolyn Merritt

Mr. Ken Weber
Cape Island Building and Restoration

Mr. Bill O’Connell
Elite Public Adjusters Inc.

Just a note of thanks for the great job that you and your team did in assessing the damage to our house, remediating the issues and then putting it back together again.

I was advised by the Ocean City Fire Department at 10:30am that a sprinkler head in our fire suppression system had broken and had flooded our house. I arrived at our house just before noon to discover significant damage to our kitchen, living room, and dining area, with the same damage spreading to the floor below and then into the garage. Had this water damage not been dealt with in an expedient and thorough manner we would have risked the growth of mold and potential long term issues.

By 2pm that same day you had a full crew gutting the large damaged area, assessing the damage and advising us on how to best deal with the 3 insurance companies that would be involved in this claim. By the end of the next day everything that was damaged from the water was pulled from the house and placed into multiple dumpsters, All of the damage was memorialized with hundreds of photographs and documentation of the affected areas to help with the impending insurance claims.

Bill, you took the burden of negotiating with the insurance companies from us and onto your back. In my opinion, we received a much more favorable settlement than we could have dreamed of achieving without your involvement. You and Cape Island also insured that all damaged areas were remediated, repaired or replaced. I do believe that many of the issues that were addressed, we may have missed since we do have the expertise in uncovering issues behind drywall, in the floors, duct work, etc.

At the end of the day, your companies delivered on your promise to put our house back together looking better than when the accident occurred, and at very little cost to us.

Please feel free to utilize this letter of recommendation to any potential customers. Anyone reading this recommendation should understand that this letter was unsolicited, and I only took the time to write it because we were so happy with the service and outstanding results that we received from both of your companies.

Best regards,

John & Melinda Reardon - Ocean City NJ

Cape Islands Building & Restoration
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